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Why Hire A Buyer's Specialist?

Sorting through the tremendous housing inventory to find just the right home can be overwhelming. At The Parsons Group, our success comes from helping you find a home that meets your needs at a price that will be affordable.

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If you’re planning to buy a home within the next 12 months, hiring a Real Estate Buyer’s Specialist to help you with your home search and negotiating the transaction is a smart choice for a number of reasons.

As you can imagine, the purchase of a home is one of the most complex, high-risk, and expensive transactions most people will ever go through. Having an advocate is absolutely essential to ensure your interests are fully and exclusively represented!

If you are currently looking for a home without a licensed Realtor consider these reasons why you should hire a Buyer’s Specialist before you make an offer for a new home:

1. Buyer’s Specialists Work for You...And the Transaction. We not only represent your interests but also work on behalf of the transaction to advise you on the full range of options and potential outcomes so you can make informed decisions throughout the home buying process.

2. Buyer’s Specialists Lower Your Risk. When you put us on your team as an advocate, you share some of the risk of home buying with us by using our knowledge and understanding of the current market.

3. Buyer’s Specialists Work for You at Their Own Risk. Can you name another profession that will go to work for you on a contingency basis? And, our commission is paid completely by the seller!

4. Buyer’s Specialists Understand the Current Market. Our team has invaluable house-by-house, street-by-street, and market-by-market experience which can't be learned overnight. We have weathered the pendulum swing between buyers' markets and sellers' markets and know how to adapt when the real estate market turns abruptly.

5. Buyer’s Specialists Have Inventory. Do you want to find a home quickly? With The Parsons Group by your side, you will; and for the best price and the least stress possible!

6. Buyer’s Specialists Have Information You Don't Have. MLS data entry can take from one to 10 days, depending on the listing agent, his or her broker, and the rules and technology of the MLS. By the time the home is posted on the Internet, it could already be sold, expired, or withdrawn. Having our resources and technology on your team, you’ll know instantly when a critical price change occurs so you can react quickly!

7. Buyer’s Specialists Understand the Complexity of the Transaction. Less than a decade ago, a home could be bought with a two-page contract. Now consumer-mandated seller's disclosures, environmental and structural reports, and other legal documents have turned the home transfer into a potential minefield. Don’t you want someone on your team who understands the entire transaction process and will advise you on the important issues that will minimize your risk?

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